Assistive Technology for Android Mobile Phones

App for Seniors in Extra Large Font for Step-By-Step Selection of Phone Contacts


Available on Samsung Galaxy Store

Profon is an Android phone starter app with particularly large contact areas and large lettering. The full screen display supports special tactile and visual requirements. Instead of scrolling or swiping, you can select from the possible branches by tapping.

The index is dynamically multi-column and sorted by column. Touching a distinctive letter on a white background or its unique addition to the right of it switches on.

Tapping the previous selection in the left column takes you back. Typing a complete entry opens the corresponding contact. Here the call is started by selecting the desired service provider.

Contacts are displayed by both first name and last name. Redundant information is suppressed so that the largest possible font can be used. The complete information is displayed in the header.

Profon's only authorization is to read contacts. The permission must be granted externally in the Android settings after the installation. If you do not have authorization, the information page is displayed with a red label. Further information appears after touching it. After releasing and restarting the application, contacts can be selected.

Android 7.0 or newer, SDK version> = 24
As of Android 8, the display adapts to the orientation of the device.
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