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Examples of articles form attentive observers and researchers occasionally added in decreasing chronicle order

WHO Ermächtigunsgesetze Audio
Archi.medes: Sterberisiko, Destatis
Factchecking the 2023 nobel prize in medicine
23-07: erneut ein offener Brief an Unzuständige
die mitgemacht-Dokumentation
Email leaks AIFA, ital. Arzneimittelbeh.
Dr. Robert Malone, Indiana Life Insurance CEO
Dr. John Campbell: Spike protein Pathology
Ignore the inevitable WHO/vaccination ads

Why I dont believe there ever was a covid virus, Dr. Mike Yeadon
MWGFD Pressekonferenz München 2023-03-15
News based on evidence
#Unbiased News (arbitrary example)
Wiesendanger/Hopf 24-06
Wuhan-Verdacht, Prof. Dr. Roland Wiesendanger
Grand Jury 2022-02-05
220928 Dr. Robert Malone, awake vs. woke
Safety research foundation


Encyclopaedic articles were an essential part of the Enlightenment, that started in second half of the 18th century in France. This public letter, url disfunct to an actual matter spread worldwide is in the best tradition of scientific honesty. Nowadays a lot of german media publish so called fact-checking (Faktencheck) to prove scientists incredibility by linking to Wikipedia articles, as has occurred to Luc Montagnier, one of the prominent signers of aforementioned document.

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